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Cohort V

Our Fall 2020 Cohort had seven participating companies, all of which joined in on mentorship experiences and engagement opportunities with top-tier industry leaders in agriculture and technology - All completely online due to COVID-19! To view each company and learn more, visit their profile below.

All Power Labs

All Power Labs designs, manufactures, and deploys mobile biomass gasification systems that convert woody waste into electricity, heat, and biochar. Based in Berkeley, California, APL has is a global leader in gasification innovation, with a dozen patents and hundreds of systems shipped to projects in over 40 countries. Visit their website here. 

All Power Labs Logo.png

Capta Hydro

Capta Hydro develops and commercializes an integral IoT solution to improve superficial water management and distribution infrastructure efficiency, consisting of proprietary water telemetry and flood-gate automation equipment designs and software, that is applicable from the water source to the final user. Visit their website here. 


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Inti-Tech manufactures, installs, and operates autonomous and water-free cleaning robots for solar photovoltaic plants of different sizes. By installing one zero-emission device in each row of a PV plant, the company delivers a high-frequency cleaning service that prevents soiling generated loss, improving the energy efficiency of the solar industry. Visit their website here

IntiTech Logo.png

P4P Energy

P4P Energy has 50 patents on transformative solar structures that use the efficiency of cable tensioned structures to support solar panels more economically for large existing solar markets, and its long span capabilities allow P4P to create new, stacking value solar markets. Visit their website here

P4P Energy Logo.png


Aqaix (“a-kye-ix”) offers a cloud software platform to automate the business processes for financing water and other sustainable infrastructure. The software utilizes data and multi-dimensional models to help quantify opportunity and risk. The cloud platform also includes a DMS data warehouse and API gateway for managing interoperable water data including groundwater data. Visit their website here. Connect with them on social media: 

Aqaix Logo.png


InfinitPipe® is a member of the QuakeWrap Inc. family of companies ( that specialize in the use of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) materials in construction. InfinitPipe® is a game-changing technology that allows onsite manufacturing of a continuous non-corroding pipe with extremely high strength to weight ratio. Visit their website here.


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InfinitPipe Logo.png


OffGridBox is the smallest container (6x6x6ft) that provides renewable energy, wifi, and purified water in remote areas. Setup takes four hours and a unit can generate up to 8kWp of solar power for productive uses, pump up over 10,000 gal/day and desalinate brackish/seawater for smart agriculture needs. Visit their website here.


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