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Cohort IV

Our Fall 2019 Cohort had fifteen participating companies, all of which joined in on mentorship experiences and engagement opportunities with top-tier industry leaders in agriculture and technology. To view each company and learn more, visit their profile below.


Aivaka provides devices to retrofit an irrigation system to a wireless setup. Our devices provide a wireless connection between the main controller (or timer) to DC & AC valves and pump start relays. Visit their website here.

Aivaka  Logo.png

Electro-Active Technologies Inc.

Electro-Active Technologies Inc developing a modular and scalable technology for the conversion of organic waste to hydrogen and a soil amendment. This is an offshoot from ORNL. Visit their website here. 

Electro Active Technologies Logo.png

Hago Energetics

Hago Energetics converts waste carbon dioxide to a variety of carbons and hydrocarbons. Our target customers are power plants and large industrial polluters who are looking to lower their carbon taxes. Visit their website here. 

Hago Energetics Logo.png


Inputs operates two online market-based platforms. Inputs connects businesses in the ag supply chain to products and services while providing marketplaces to buy and sell crops and derivative products. Visit their website here

Inputs Logo.png

Irrigation for the Future, Inc.

Irrigation for the Future, Inc. is advanced irrigation management tools, including IMO: software for irrigation planning and scheduling to optimize input costs (energy, water, labor) and managing RDI and deficit irrigation strategies. Visit their

website here. 

Irrigation for the Future Logo.png


Nitricity provides universal- and carbon-free access to nitrogen fertilizer. We produce nitric acid, ammonia, or ammonium nitrate on-site and on-demand using just air, water, and renewable electricity. Visit their website here.

Nitricity Logo.png


SCARLET Solar 44%* more energy output
Installed in hours. Exquisitely engineered for optimum reliability. Visit their website

SCARLET Solar Logo.png

Take Me to Cohort V

Click here to view Cohort V.

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Ecoli Sense

Ecoli Sense is a pathogen sensor development company. We have developed a new, low-cost and innovative way to rapidly detect E. coli bacteria in water. Using our proprietary sensors technology E. coli contamination can be detected within five minutes of exposure to the water sample. Visit their website here.

Ecoli Sense Logo.png

Epiphene Inc.

Epiphene Inc. is committed to providing effective solutions for issues plaguing your systems: 

  • Filtration & Solids Separation

  • Heat Exchanger Protection

  • Water Treatment

  • Pump Protection

Visit their website here.

Epiphene Inc Logo.png


HyperBorean developed & sells technology that provides air-conditioning & refrigeration that operates off-grid, powered from sources of waste heat like concentrated solar. Visit their website here.

Hyper Borean Logo.png

Intrinsyx Bio

IntrinsyxBio is a microbial inoculant(s) for crops reduce fertilizer needs and increase crop yield and quality. Visit their website here. 

Intrinsyx Bio Logo.png


Membrion is a University of Washington spinout company in the advanced materials space. Our mission is to manufacture and sell high-performance, low-cost ion-exchange membranes at industry-leading margins to promote the adoption of cost-effective and energy-efficient clean water and energy technologies. Visit their website here. 

Membrion Logo.png


RABAC is new bacillus-based wastewater technology with 99% treatment efficiency, up to 50% less energy and footprint, and particularly effective in nutrient (nitrogen, phosphorus) removal. Visit their website here. 

RABAC Logo.png


SECCO2 Engines is a next generation engine company dedicated to bringing a revolutionary energy solution that reduces both the costs and emissions for all stationary and transportation engine markets. Visit their website here.

SECCO2 Logo.png
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