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Cohort VII

Our Fall 2022 Cohort had ten participating companies, all of which joined in on mentorship experiences and engagement opportunities with top-tier industry leaders in agriculture and technology. To view each company and learn more, visit their profile below.


AGXactly helps farmers by providing them with the outputs of advanced imaging analytics without having to touch the software or technology itself. Their industry-leading insights are produced and rapidly delivered to farmer's production, harvesting and sales teams. The data collected and provided in their reports help farmers earn more dollars/acre. AGXactly is currently focused on bringing value to specialty row crops and niche broad acreage crops.



At DetoXyFi, we take discarded sapwood and use a patented process to convert them into low-cost and highly effective water filters. Developed over 10 years of extensive research at MIT, our technology is able to filter out chemicals, metals, microplastics, and pathogens (virus, bacteria, protozoa)—unparalleled by any existing commercial solution. Our extensive field testing has proven that the filter exceeds WHO standards. As such, DetoXyFi’s main aim is to provide access to clean drinking water to everyone irrespective of socio-economic status.

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Mojave Seafood Inc.

Mojave Seafood Inc. is using the Aqua-μ Technology Suite to bring premium, live seafood to Los Angeles and the Bay areas. They are an indoor fish and shrimp farm that uses proprietary technology to manage the aquatic microbiome resulting in higher stocking densities and faster growth rates compared to traditional aquaculture methods. They are working on an AI system that will further increase productivity.

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Relyion is developing a technology that can utilize the batteries as is without the need for grading and, hence maintaining economic benefit. The technology is a software solution powered by machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) and enabled by innovative hardware implementation. Our technology has an entitlement benefit of up to 65% CAPEX and Levelized cost of storage (LCOS) reduction vs. new and other 2nd use energy storage systems (ESS) technologies. We also estimate the utilization of 2nd use batteries will avoid CO2 emissions of 240-2100 million tons by 2050 due to repurposing and increased renewable penetration.


Stor water

Stor Water's data analytics platform allows small and medium-sized municipalities to deploy powerful predictive tools on top of their GIS or EPANET models. Our tools allow water managers to plan, incrementally update, and operate the water distribution system optimally with minimal system interference. Ultimately, Stor Water’s mission is to work with small and medium-sized water municipalities to digitize and tackle the ever-present water distribution system leakage that costs between 10-25% of the annual water production.

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dAlchemy is a data sciences company. They build Smart PdM (Predictive Maintenance) solutions using ML/AI technologies that provide Predictive and Prescriptive insights, for Safety, Reliability & Predictive Maintenance of Machines and for their efficient maintenance. They have validated both the applicability and feasibility of their unique approach which provides insights by collecting requisite data in a very non-intrusive way. A Predictive Maintenance solution they have developed is currently being used by an ag-tech company to monitor the performance, health, and maintenance needs of IoT infrastructure (Devices, Sensors, Batteries, PV Panels and more).



HyVerde combines power conversion hardware with control software as a means to enable more sustainable energy storage systems in transportation and grid applications. Their hybrid balancing technology can control the power to or from multiple types of battery modules at a higher level of granularity, introducing new degrees of freedom that can improve the sustainability, energy efficiency, longevity and safety of energy storage systems. Their technology will be integrated into zero-emission vehicles, such as battery-based electric vehicles (EVs).



We are Polzmann, an industrial data-ops startup. Industrial data has an 8% utilization rate due to IT and OT islands. Polzmann’s Digital Twin System enables customers to turn industrial data into their internal “real-world model” to unlock its value at an unprecedented scale. We enable organizational speed, agility, performance improvement, trust in data, and collaboration.



Renewell leverages pre-existing infrastructure (wellbore vertical drop, electrical infrastructure from previous pumpjacks, communications networks, and roads) to create the lowest cost energy storage on the market (capital cost = $50/kWh). We retrofit already grid-connected inactive wells with a proprietary gravity-based mechatronic energy conversion system and an intelligent controls platform for remote monitoring and control. Renewell will partner with oil and gas companies to seal and convert 33% of the idle wells in the US into 132GWh of storage, decrease the idle well population, reduce methane leakage, and provide best-in-class energy storage services.

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