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Cohort VI

Our Fall 2021 Cohort had ten participating companies, all of which joined in on mentorship experiences and engagement opportunities with top-tier industry leaders in agriculture and technology. To view each company and learn more, visit their profile below.

climformatics Inc.

Predicting Future Climate To Drive Business Decisions. With the rising number of climate-driven catastrophes, extreme climate is no longer a rare possibility, but an inevitability. Anticipating changes in local climate and extreme events could result in proactive risk assessment and mitigation which can save millions of dollars in catastrophic losses. At Climformatics we are building a tool to predict future climate at any custom location for any future timescale (daily, seasonal to years ahead). Our forecasts are as accurate as the daily forecast but one year ahead. Climformatics predictive tool will proactively mitigate risk for gradual and unforeseen climate events, that can benefit farmers, businesses, governments, and stakeholders to prepare, adapt, and mitigate the inescapable impact of climate change. Visit their website here.


Howe Neat Inc. 

Howe Neat, Inc. specializes in solutions that make remote monitoring and task management easier. Based out of Benicia, California, Howe Neat has developed low-cost Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to meet customer needs since 2018. Howe Neat Inc.’s new product, neatMon, provides a robust, future-proof platform to develop new solutions, such as for irrigation system monitoring and control.


View their website here


Kairospace Technologies 

Kairospace Technologies is a strategic innovation hub that optimizes water processes by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and advanced science. We provide integrated solutions for many water-related issues arising in a variety of industries, with a goal of increasing system efficiency and decreasing environmental impact. We are committed to supporting businesses and governments in reaching their sustainable development goals, by collaborating towards a cleaner and more renewable future. View their website here


RHST industries 

RHST has developed disruptive technology that directly impacts sustainable and enhanced agricultural outcomes by extending the actual usable life of water via its proprietary, patented “Water Pearl” composite. The "Water Pearl" will redefine what is possible in agriculture by dramatically slowing the evaporation rate of soil moisture while enhancing key growth points during the lifecycle of “any” crop. This is accomplished by reducing water consumption between 30-50% coupled with a 20-30% increase in plant yields via a peerless, efficient management experience of freshwater resources specific to agriculture. Our commitment in tackling issues of water sustainability and improving agricultural productivity, while recognizing our unique role in sustainable water use management across the food value chain will be evident by crisp, clear execution supporting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). View their website here



Verdi is helping farmers customize nutrition for every plant, allowing crops to reach their optimum potential no matter what climate, terrain, or soil they grow in. Our technology allows farmers to augment existing farm infrastructure with swarms of smart actuators that enable location-specific delivery of water, fertilizer, and other inputs. View their website here


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Man working behind computer and smiling

Hexas Biomass INc. 

Hexas Biomass Inc. (Hexas) is a biomaterials company that produces plant-based raw material from our proprietary Xano Grass™. We sell conversion-ready Xano Grass™ fiber to our customers for use in multiple applications: bioenergy, composite/engineered materials, structural and non-structural products, pulp and paper, biochemicals, bioplastics, and numerous other applications. Our fiber is a drop-in solution for current manufacturing systems, so our biomaterials solution is disruptive without interrupting existing supply chains and production systems or altering product functionality and aesthetic appeal. Hexas has developed a cradle-to-customer platform that assures consistent fiber properties and reliable delivery. Xano Grass™ does multi-duty by providing multiple ecosystem services, bioremediation, and superior carbon sequestration capabilities. View their website here. 

Hexas Biomass Inc. Logo


Lemna’s mission is to provide phytoremediation solutions for livestock agricultural wastewater by leveraging the biological performance of Lemnaceae (duckweed) within compact, controlled environment growth layers. Transforming nutrient-dense manure waters into a precise formulation for the farm’s irrigation systems, providing greater data feedback and reducing excess nutrient impacts on environmental waters. Producing both precision water nutrient formulations and valuable byproduct assets, within compact growth systems free from chemicals and climatic implications. Our vision is to make every drop legal, precise, and profitable for our farmers. We help farms perform better.


View their website here.


Nurture Growth Biofertilizer Inc.

Nurture Growth Bio is an award-winning, circular economy company that is stepping up to solve some of the world’s biggest problems with the help of the world’s smallest organisms. As pesticides and harmful chemicals are impacting the environment and human health, our solution is to provide growers with an effective, economical and environmentally-safe biofertilizer. Nurture Growth Bio rescues and upcycles food waste that is destined for landfills and transforms it into an eco-friendly microbial fertilizer. The food waste feeds the beneficial microbes in our biofertilizer and, when applied to plants, it builds healthy soils which promotes vigorous plants.


View their website here


Tectonicus Constructs

Tectonicus Constructs LLC  is an architecture, research, and prototyping firm intent on mitigating climate change through creative and deployable solutions. By placing solar panels over canals, Solar River can bring utility-scale solar energy to agricultural and environmentally-fragile landscapes without the massive impacts. The structure, called a Canal Spanning Solar Power (CSSP) system, allows canal owners and operators to make use of underutilized land for photovoltaic power generation and auxiliary income. Currently we are building a physical prototype at the University of Arizona for performance testing. View their website here. 


Vertical agritech

Vertical AgriTech is a California-based AgTech startup building cultivation software and smart devices for Controlled Environment Agriculture ("CEA"). Our flagship product is a programmable indoor garden called the “Alchemist.” Alchemists connect to our proprietary web application, “Room2Table.” Room2Table allows “Tastemakers” (our subscribers) to control their Alchemists from anywhere in the world and interact with other Tastemakers. These technologies are the foundation upon which we are building a data-driven, self-reliant food community capable of quickly exchanging information globally while producing exciting, nutritious ingredients hyperlocally. Our goal is to create a decentralized farming community based around a network of aesthetically appealing, programmable, modular, and affordable indoor gardens that are both space- and resource-efficient. View their website here

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