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Cohort III

Our Fall 2018 Cohort had thirteen participating companies, all of which joined in on mentorship experiences and engagement opportunities with top-tier industry leaders in agriculture and technology. To view each company and learn more, visit their profile below.


AgriBugs is a drone service provider for Agriculture. Creating agriculture data products from drone imagery to help drone service providers, crop consultants, and researchers acquire and process data more easily. Visit their website here

AgriBigs Logo.png

ConserWater Technologies

Formerly known as Boomitra, ConserWater Technologies uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help farmers grow more healthy plants with fewer resources. It uses satellites, weather and other real-time data, along with proprietary geospatial deep learning and reinforcement learning to save 30% or more on irrigation and other inputs for farmers and more broadly even golf courses and landscapes. Visit their website here

ConserWater Logo.png


Dropcopter offers precision aerial pollination via drone aircraft to orchard crop growers, delivering higher yields for farmers and improved revenue streams for our channel partners. Independent research has demonstrated that our patent-pending tools and service raise crop set and yield by over 25%, making best use of limited farmland and significantly improving growers’ revenue per acre. Visit their website here

Dropcopter Logo.png


Letspol brings the Digital transformation to Beekeeping chain, a new and safe way to connect beekeepers with farms, consumers and industries. 

LetsPol Logo.png

RetaW Technologies (Ectas)

RetaW Technologies (Ectas) is a highly efficient system for water and sewage treatment for low flow rates. Visit their website here

RetaW Logo.png


Sprinkl develops connected products that make watering and managing your yard easier. These products focus on combining an intuitive interface with home automation to take the guesswork out of watering while providing over 50% water savings when compared to traditional sprinkler systems. Visit their website here

Sprinkl Logo.png


WISRAN measures farm activities to reduce losses during operation. Farmers can’t track the actual run cost of equipment, labor against target metrics by field in real-time during operation, resulting in invisible delays that contributes to operating losses. WISRAN provides real-time guidance to improve operating efficiency, improve equipment and labor utilization by acre and field to improve profits by 3-5% of revenue. Visit their website here

WISRAN Logo.png


Aguanaut creates new water supplies by treating brackish groundwater, surface water, and wastewater and sells that water to customers. We take the risk out of new water production by providing water desalination as a service to agricultural, municipal, industrial, and oil and gas producing customers. Aguanaut is technology agnostic and will design systems and engage providers according to site and customer requirements. Visit their website here

Aguanaut Logo.png


Water LLC 

Visit their website here

Disinfect Water LLC Logo.png

Ivy Food Technology, Inc.

Ivy Food Technology, Inc. automates document management for food supply chains. We handle the receiving, filing and sending for our customers, their customers and their vendors so people can stop doing manual, redundant tasks as well as improve organizational accuracy and audit readiness. Our software platform automates your document receiving, filing and sending to streamline your vendor and customer management and ensure compliance. Visit their website here

Ivy Food Technology, Inc. Logo.png

Perigo Welding

Perigo Welding was founded by Steve & Lori Perigo as a fabrication and service company for the Ag Industry back in 1991 and has been family-owned and operated ever since. Some of our main manufacturing capabilities include; production sawing of small and large diameters, roll grooving, multiple welding processes, and operational computer designs. Currently, we are developing our new Hybrid Low-Pressure Water Filtration System that will have the capability to reduce energy consumption in micro irrigation systems by as much as 50%. Visit their website here

Perigo Welding Logo.png

Skyven Technologies

Skyven Technologies is pioneering a solution for the food processing industry to reduce fuel use, energy cost, and greenhouse gas emissions. Skyven’s Intelligent Mirror Array (IMAâ„¢) technology sources thermal energy up to 400°F directly from the sun and supplements industrial boilers with zero-fuel heat. Visit their website here

SkyvenTechnologies Logo.png

Upcycle and Company

Upcycle and Company’s products make gardening and farming easier and more productive. Our fertilizer has 5x more available nutrients than organic and synthetic fertilizers at 25% lower price, provides the benefits of multiple soil amendments in 1 product, and helps retain moisture in soil. Visit their website here

Upcycle&Co Logo.png

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