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Here we share the testimonials of ventures who have successfully completed our program, as well as the top 5 state and global ventures who have also completed our program. These ventures have shown exceptional growth since their graduation! Each of our esteemed alumni has shown great potential, and our goal with this section of our website is to showcase those accomplishments. Read more below!

Thomas Gradek,
RHST Industries

“The venue provided ample opportunity to get a sense of the ag sector in California. It provided great feedback in aligning our pitch for specific targets and opened the communication channels to many potential contacts.”

Le LuonG,
Nurture Growth Biofertilizer

“This has been an amazing experience learning new things and networking with industry specialists. This program has boosted my confidence to tackle California and provided me with the contacts to continue to do business development.”

Arthur Chen,

“VV6 was great! I really felt like our company was able to connect to the Central Valley and understand how growers and distributors think. It gave us a lot of insight into our business strategy and practices.”

Steven Conger,
P4P Energy

“All the speakers were excellent and we are now working with several of them to move the company forward. We really appreciate getting introduced to VV5's network, and we are looking forward to continuing working with Valley Ventures.”

Justin KnapP,
All Power Labs

“Lots of practical, immediate knowledge as well as longer-term, broader info.

A good mix of both.”

Benjamin Lahsen, Capta Hydro

“Marketing just depends on finding the right people, and that's what VV5 is all about, connecting startups and partners. Now, we hope to continue to thrive with the connections we have made."

Top five California ventures


Aquaoso saw the need to develop a unified, automated platform to buy, sell, and research water rights in order to build a water resilient future through advanced technologies. Their water trading platform provides transparency and insight that enables smart water markets that significantly saves money and time, reduces risk, and encourages the efficient use of water. Visit their website here. 



GroGuru provides highly accurate, affordable, and reliable sensors that are easy to install and maintain. Real-time access to data is available on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. Services such as irrigation scheduling and threshold-based alerts are supported through a monthly subscription. Visit their website here

groguru logo

UPcycle and Company

Upcycle and Company’s products make gardening and farming easier and more productive. Our fertilizer has 5x more available nutrients than organic and synthetic fertilizers at 25% lower price, provides the benefits of multiple soil amendments in 1 product, and helps retain moisture in soil. Visit their website here. 

Upcycle&Co Logo.png


BoxPower Inc. manufactures rapidly-deployable solar-diesel generators in 20ft shipping containers for disaster relief and off-grid industries. Visit their website here.

boxpower logo


Monitoring by REDtrac® provides all the information you need for informed actions about your wells, water, and soils, plus management of your booster/filter stations and ponds. REDtrac’s WATERtrac® system monitors all aspects of an operation, for both SGMA compliance and internal management requirements. Visit their website here

redtrac logo

Top five Global Ventures

All power Labs

All Power Labs (APL) designs, manufactures and deploys mobile biomass gasification systems that convert woody waste into electricity, heat, and biochar. Based in Berkeley, California, APL is a global leader in gasification innovation, with a dozen patents and hundreds of systems shipped to projects in over 40 countries. Visit their website here.

All Power Labs Logo.png


The Eco2Mix mission is to design the best ecological solution for water pH control in irrigation systems and other water treatment industries, helping the environment by replacing the use of toxic and dangerous Sulfuric Acid with CO2 instead. Visit their website here

eco2mix logo

Skyven Technologies

Skyven Technologies is pioneering a solution for the food processing industry to reduce fuel use, energy cost, and greenhouse gas emissions. Skyven’s Intelligent Mirror Array (IMAâ„¢) technology sources thermal energy up to 400°F directly from the sun and supplements industrial boilers with zero-fuel heat. Visit their website here.

Skyventechnologies logo.png


BioFiltro is an international wastewater treatment company with a patented filtration system that harnesses the digestive power of worms and microbes to remove up to 99 percent of contaminants in a chemical-free 4-hour process. Its mission is to provide wastewater solutions that repurpose waste streams into valuable revenue streams, regenerate natural resources, and revitalize the environment. Visit their website here. 

biofiltro logo


Membrion is a University of Washington spinout company in the advanced materials space. Their mission is to manufacture and sell high-performance, low-cost ion-exchange membranes at industry-leading margins to promote the adoption of cost-effective and energy-efficient clean water and energy technologies. Visit their website here. 

Membrion Logo.png
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